Utility Rates

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Utility Rates and How to Pay your Bill

Water Rates:

Water Rates Effective July 1, 2017


All Residential Accounts pay the same Basic Service Charge

Residential Bi-Monthy Basic Service Charge:

$54.76 (Monthly $27.38)

Residential Water Rates:

0-8 Units $5.68
9-20 Units $6.82
21-40 Units $9.46
41+ Units $12.47


Commercial Monthly Service Charge:

5/8" $27.38


1" $68.45
1 1/2" $136.90
2" $219.04
3" $410.70
4" $684.50
Over 4" $1,369.00

Commercial Water Rates:

All water use $6.82

Recycled Water:

Recycled water rates are assumed to be set at 75% of potable water rates for financial planning purposes and will not be subject to drought rate increases.

City Recycled Water Pricing Policy

  1. For existing irrigation meters/accounts that connect to recycled water: Twenty five percent discount on monthly water utility bills beginning with the first billing period following connection to the Recycled Water Project. Discount shall apply to prevailing drinking water rates and charges in effect at the time of physical connection and as those rates and charges may be amended from time to time. The City will perform and pay for customer site retrofits related to landscape irrigation

  2. For existing industrial meters/accounts that connect to recycled water: Forty percent discount on monthly bills beginning with the first billing period following connection to the Recycled Water Project. Discount shall apply to prevailing drinking water rates and charges in effect at the time of physical connection and as those rates and charges maybe amended from time to time. Customers will pay for and perform all facilities retrofits for industrial uses

  3. Duration of discounts: Five (5) years from date of connection --for each meter/account.

Landscape Irrigation:

The consumption ranges used here are in terms of the percentage of the "Water-Use Budget" that each landscape irrigation account is provided.

Up to 100% of Budget means the customer is on target or even using less-than their target. Over 100% means the customer is using more water than their budget (and therefore is charged more per unit of water). One unit of water equals 100 cubic feet of water.

Irrigation rates using potable water:

Percent of Water-Use Budget
Cost per Unit
0 - 100%
101 - 200%

Irrigation rates using recycled water:

Percent of Water-Use Budget
Cost per Unit
All levels of consumption

Sewer Rates:

Residential Sewer Rates effective July 1, 2017

 Residential (with 1-9 Dwelling Units)                     $76.68 per month per dwelling unit 
 Multi-Family (with 10+ Dwelling Units)  $69.01 per month per dwelling unit


Charges to commercial users will vary (as shown below) and are calculated based on metered water use. Commercial accounts will be billed Sewer Usage Charges for all metered use,  subject to the Minimum Monthly Charge.

Commercial Sewer Rate Schedule
Commercial Type
Charge Per Unit
Minimum Monthly Charge


Class A - Standard Strength, Low Flow
Class B - Low Strength


Class C - Standard Strength
Class D - Mod-High Strength
Class E - High Strength

Class A includes Industrial accounts. Class B includes Institutional/Public accounts. Class C includes Retail/Commercial accounts and Hospitals. Class E includes Restaurants and Supermarkets. Class D is a new sewer customer class for accounts with moderate-high wastewater strength, such as a result of a mixture of Class E uses and other uses on a single account.

Garbage Rates:

Recycling your household bottles, cans, papers, and plastic is great for the environment. It reduces the amount of materials that are put into landfills, and allows for re-use of these items.

When you recycle more, you’ll be putting less of those materials into your “regular” trash container – so maybe you can use a smaller container for that trash – and if so, you’ll pay less for your garbage pickup.

For example: let’s say you currently use a “32 gallon” trash container. Try to increase the amount of items you recycle. You may be putting a lot of recyclable materials into your trash. After you’ve made a renewed effort to recycle, then check to see if you’re really filling up that trash container each week. If it’s usually only half-full, then you may be paying for a 32 gallon container when all you really need is a 20 gallon container! If that’s the case, then please contact Recology San Mateo County at (650) 595-3900 to save some money by using a smaller trash container.

Don’t forget, recyclables are collected at no additional cost to you - so there’s no reason not to recycle!

Effective January 15, 2018

Residential Monthly

Each Can
20 gallon
32 gallons
64 gallons
96 gallons
These charges include a recycling surcharge

Backyard Collection Service Distance Costs for Single-Family Dwellings Residential (Pullout Charges)

Number of Solid Waste Carts
Distance from Curbside
0-50 Feet
51-100 Feet
101-150 Feet
151-200 Feet
201-250 Feet
251-300 Feet
301 Feet or more

The above charges will be in addition to all other applicable service charges. For special pick-ups, call Recology San Mateo County at (650) 595-3900.

Commercial Monthly

Subscription Level
(in yards per week)

New Rate ($/Yard)
1 - 10

11 - 20

21 - 30

31 - 50

51 +


Pullout Charges for Commercial, Refuse and Recycling Containers

Distance charges for containers located between 51 to 100 feet from access point for contractor’s collection

vehicle - 10% of the monthly base rate.

Distance charges for containers located between 101 feet or more from access point for contractor’s collection

vehicle- 25% of the monthly base rate for

Unscheduled Garbage Services:

Solid Waste Collection Rates

Notes on rates:

  • A 1.5% interest charge is assessed if not paid within 30 days, and a 5% or $3.00 (whichever is higher) penalty is assessed if a Shut-Off Notice is issued.
  • For water service (e.g. sewer backups, leaks, low pressure, dirty water) call Public Works Services at (650) 780-7464.
  • For water Turn on/Turn off and billing inquiries call 780-7210 or 780-7211 or 780-7212.
  • For Public Works emergencies call (650) 780-7190.

How to Pay your Bill

The City offers many ways to pay your utility bill:

  1. Send a check to the address listed on your bill's remittance (City's Lockbox Address at PO Box 841201, Los Angeles, CA 90084-1201).
  2. In person at City Hall (credit card or checking account) - Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.
  3. Via telephone 650-780-7210 (credit card or checking account) - Available 24/7.
  4. Online at Online Utility Bill Pay (credit card or checking account) -  Available 24/7.
  5. In person at any 7/11 Store via PayNearMe (cash only - $2.99 convenience fee applies) - Available 24/7 .

Learn more about Pay Near Me here

City Moderates Policy on Water Shut-Off for Unpaid Bills

Non-payment of a water bill is a difficult and uncomfortable situation, certainly for the water customer and also for the City. Recognizing the need to provide some additional flexibility for people in that challenging circumstance, the City has modified its policy on shutting off water service due to non-payment of a water bill.

Water customers have a 30-day period in which to pay their water bill without penalty. If it’s not paid within that time, they are mailed a 10-day reminder notice (including interest charges). If payment is still not received, they are mailed a seven-day notice that the water will be shut off if the bill remains unpaid. The reconnection fee ranges from $20.00 to $100.00 from 7:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. The After-hour turn-on fee is $391.00.

This period of time for the notices is more consistent with other similar cities, and offers the customer some additional flexibility in a difficult situation. In addition, shut-offs will only take place early in the week, thus providing an opportunity for the customer to resolve the situation before the weekend (when City staff is unavailable to restore water service).

And, instead of the rather-ominous and perhaps embarrassing red tag shut-off notice placed on the customer’s front door handle, the City will instead mail that notice to the customer. This is a cost savings for the City and also helps to ensure the customer doesn’t somehow miss the notice, and receives it in a somewhat more friendly, neighborly manner.

Questions about City utility billing should be directed to 650-780-7210.

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