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Red Morton Old Playground photo by www.paymonhome.comRed Morton Park Westside Renovation Project

In early 2017, the City Council held a Study Session regarding the implementation of the Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP). Through this discussion, the City Council placed a high priority on implementation to “create a network of great public open spaces”. As a result of City Council direction, staff requested proposals for the preparation of a
Downtown Parks Site Assessment and Feasibility Study for the creation of new downtown parks.

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Jardin Fountain and Child

Downtown Parks Assessment

Red Morton Park is located in central Redwood City and bordered by Valota Road, Madison Avenue, and Vera Street. The park contains sports fields, playgrounds, and several buildings. The project area includes the playground and parking lot near Valota Road, the parking lot near the CAB, pathways, signage throughout the park for pedestrians and bicyclists, and sports field viewing areas. The project also includes improvements to the main pedestrian entrance to the park from Valota Road and street crossings surrounding the park.

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MB_SwayBoatMagical Bridge Playground

The Magical Bridge Playground is a world-renowned concept developed first in Palo Alto and will soon debut in Redwood City. Designed to be socially inclusive for children and adults of varying physical and cognitive abilities, Magical Bridge Redwood City aims to go beyond typical playground designs, which often inadvertently overlook the growing autistic population, cognitively challenged, visually and hearing impaired, physically limited and the aging population. The Magical Bridge Foundation will collaborate with Redwood City on its second location due to its progressive parks and recreation program, financial generosity, and diverse community.

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veterans_center_reimagineVeterans Memorial Building/
Senior Center
(Joint Project with the YMCA of Silicon Valley)

Modernizing the Redwood City Veterans Memorial Building/Senior Center and YMCA, is a long-planned project that will enhance the community’s fitness, wellness, and recreational resources. After much community discussion, a decision has been made to rebuild and re-imagine these facilities. The revised design proposal will provide better integration of the new facilities within Red Morton Park, preserving valued open green space.

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